Anthony Nguyen

USC Philosopher


I’m Anthony Nguyen (he/him), a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Southern California.

My primary research interests are in political philosophy, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. I have published work on generics, action theory, biological teleology, and Hume on denial. You can find my published work here and my CV here.

Within political philosophy, I have research interests in colonialism, self-respect, egalitarianism, and just war theory. Within philosophy of language, I have research interests in generics, subjective propositional attitudes, and implicatures. And within metaphysics, I have research interests in habits, free will, and nonexistent objects.

In 2021, I finished an MA in humanities (concentration: linguistics) at the University of Chicago. I wrote my thesis on the semantics of the subjective attitude verb ‘consider’. Chris Kennedy was my advisor.

In 2017, I finished a BA in philosophy at Reed College. I wrote my thesis on the semantics and pragmatics of generics. Troy Cross was my advisor.

You can find my PhilPeople page here.

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